Gunfire Lullabies


My debut novel, Gunfire Lullabies, will be published in August 2019 through Shooting Star Press. Read the press release here.

My background

I’m a former Australian diplomat, foreign affairs advisor, press secretary, and consultant in communications and strategic planning. As a diplomat, I was posted to Jakarta between 1997-1999, experiencing first hand President Suharto’s downfall and East Timor’s autonomy ballot. Later, I worked as a political advisor for the United Nations in East Timor as the country began rebuilding itself. I live in Sydney near the sea with my husband, two Border Collies and Burmese cat. I have a grown-up daughter and son, and miss them every day.

About my novel

Gunfire Lullabies is the story of two women caught in a whirlwind of chaos and death, and the sacrifices they’re prepared to make in their struggle for truth and freedom.

Jakarta, 1998. Junior Australian diplomat Ava Vuyk is on her first overseas posting when she’s assigned the conflict-ridden issue of East Timor with its twenty-three year independence struggle. The new Indonesian regime announces a vote in which the East Timorese will choose their future, but the military and local militia oppose it, launching a brutal campaign of terror and destruction. Amid the turmoil, Ava must decide whether she’ll gloss over the spiralling violence as her domineering ambassador demands, or report the truth in the hope the Australian government will intervene.

In East Timor, teenage farmer Isabel is kidnapped by militia leader Gabriel as his sex slave after her brother escapes into the jungle rather than join his group. Alone but hopeful, she waits to be rescued. When a human rights group asks her to spy on Gabriel, she’s seduced by the promise she’ll be reunited her with her family.

Gunfire Lullabies is a gut-wrenching fictionalised account inspired by real life experiences that won’t fail to fascinate and enthral.