More on Gunfire Lullabies with RiSe Women’s podcast – The best of 2022!

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Taking freedom for granted

In this piece I wrote for Women With Altitude, I talk about what it was like coming home from a turbulent overseas posting where people had to fight for basic human rights to a seemingly complacent Australia. Since then I have watched our rights being eroded. We cannot take these things for granted.

Secrets of Confident Women Podcast by RiSe Women – Nore Hoogstad

I loved speaking with Anastasia from RiSe Women about my novel, Gunfire Lullabies, but this time from the angle of Confidence. It was one of the most interesting interviews I’ve done.

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Living Arts Canberra – Review & Podcast Interview

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The Latch: ‘The Good Diplomat and Bad Mother: Juggling Motherhood Amidst a Revolution’

Canberra Times Review: Nore Hoogstad’s Gunfire Lullabies is a fictionalised account of a diplomat’s year in East Timor by Gordon Peake

ABC Radio interview with Joel Rheinberger on Gunfire Lullabies & life as a diplomat

The Empty Page Podcast with Gavin Miller

Check out this fun podcast interview on writing here.

Talking Aussie Books podcast interview with Claudine Tinellis

Women’s Agenda Newsletter

“You might not have heard of Nore Hoogstad, but you should. The former diplomat, political advisor and press secretary lived in the tumultuous East Timor for many years in the 90s, and she has penned an explosive thriller you should read.”

Women’s Agenda
‘The Daily Update’, 6 October 2021

AJC Publishing Author Interview

Read a different angle on Gunfire Lullabies and my writing process here.

The Financial Review – The history of Gunfire Lullabies

In this Financial Review story I discuss the historical background to Gunfire Lullabies, and why I wrote it up as a novel and not non-fiction.

Booktopia Ten Terrifying Questions

Booktopia (online bookstore) asked me Ten Terrifying Questions about who I am and my writing…😱 You can read my answers in The Booktopian Blog here.

Beauty and Lace Author Interview

Read the Beauty and Lace author interview here

Brightside Story Author Interview

Learn about the evolution of Gunfire Lullabies in this interview with Brightside Story Studio ‘Nore Hoogstad on Contemporary Historical Fiction’ here.